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From Coast to Coast, and from Guam and Hawaii to Puerto Rico, and for more than 50 counties world wide, Dave Egbert is the award winning host of TV's Garden Travels as well as in print with his book Big Ideas for Small Gardens, and as an in-demand horticulture lecturer.

Dave worked as a professional Certified Nurseryman for 20 years on the Central Coast of California, gaining a wide knowledge of plants and organic and sustainable gardening techniques.

Dave Egbert
Dave has collaborated with the top experts of horticulture and learned to appreciate the value of well-chosen plants for every climate and situation. Australian, Southern Hemisphere, and California native plants continue to be Dave's passion. He strives to incorporate ideals of organic and sustainable gardening to his own garden and instill these values in his viewers all across the country.
Dave is an active member of the rural Big Sur community. Dave's passion for plants, animals and the well being of this planet inspired him to inspire others to take responsibility for living on planet Earth. He balances his time in the garden and on the air with community service as a volunteer firefighter with the Big Sur Fire Brigade. Big Sur Fire Brigade covers over 60 miles of isolated coastline, serving the millions of visitors to the spectacular Big Sur Coast. Dave is acknowledged expert in Fire Safe Gardens.
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